A Tribute For Hugh McWilliams & Wes Fisher


Mac & Wes were Paly’s greatest coaching tandem. Join us to create a tribute to two great coaches and teachers of championship Football & Wrestling teams, including the undefeated 1956 Football Team.

We would like to complete our fundraising by November, 2019

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MAC & WES FUND Project Sponsors
Jack Brigham ‘56 team, Curt Clarkson ‘56, Alan Davis ‘56, Norm Eliason ‘58, George French ‘57,
Earl Hansen Paly Athletics (Cubberley ‘70), David Jones (Paly Wrestling), Mac McClellan ‘57, Don McPhail ‘57,
John Northway ‘57, John Reed ‘57, Robert Strohecker ‘60, Bob Talbott ‘58,
US Naval Academy '63 Football Sponsors: Roger Staubach,
Tom Lynch and Skip Orr