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Welcome to  Paly Badminton's home page. You can expect to find players' photos match schedule and scores as well as team contacts. Sko Vikes!

Coach Kenny's Philosophy (or  'What I want for Paly Badminton 3-4 years from now')

  1. Establish an excellent school reputation
  2. Team spirit & sportsmanship
  3. Improvement in fundamental skills & techniques
  4. Proper footwork: Must be energy saving and efficient to reduce injury
  5. Enjoy playing and don't be afraid to lose as long as you try your personal best

Coach Kenny's Expectations

  1. Be on time for practice and be dressed to play
  2. Focus during practice and pay attention
  3. If you miss practice the day before a match, you will sit out the match.
  4. Support your team but always show good sportsmanship and treat the opposing team with respect.
  5. During a match, only player coaches will be allowed onto the court.
    • Player coaches:Tilak, Ivy, Emily, Dylan & Daniel
  6. Have fun!

Badminton Team captain: Tilak Misner

Team Managers: Rainy Yan, Emma Jiang, Amy Lin

Varsity Team

(more details to come)
  • Varsity Captains:Emily Yu, Dylan Zou
  • Junior Varsity Team

    (more details to come)
  • Varsity Captains:Jessica Huang, James Nielsen

  • Badminton Coaches & Team Parents


    For away games, the players need to be near the football field by 1:55pm for the bus. Games start around 3:30pm or so. Return is around 6:00pm. You may want to have your student text you for a better ETA when they are on the bus back.

    Home games start between 3:30-3:45pm

    Match Schedule 

    Paly Athletics Main Calendar        Match Scores

    1. Tuesday 3/6 at Monte Vista (Directions)
    2. Friday 3/9 vs Lowell at Paly (schedule change)
    3. Tuesday 3/13 at Gunn (Directions)
    4. Tuesday 3/20 vs Lynbrook at Paly
    5. Thursday 3/22 at Wilcox (Directions)
    6. Monday 3/26 vs Milpitas at Paly (re-scheduled again)
    7. Tuesday 3/27 vs Cupertino at Paly
    8. Thursday 3/29 at Milpitas (Directions)
    9. Tuesday 4/10 at Lynbrook (Directions)
    10. Thursday 4/12 vs Wilcox at Paly
    11. Thursday  4/19 vs Gunn at Paly
    12. Tuesday 4/24 at Cupertino (Directions)
    13. Thursday 4/26 vs Monta Vista at Paly
    14. Friday 5/4 SCVAL Finals at Paly 
    15. Saturday 5/5 SCVAL Finals at Paly


    To see the scores of matches versus a particular school, select the sheet with the name of the school.

    Contact Info

    • Coach Kenny:    
    • Coach Len:     
    • Team Parent Maya :       :650-380-4089
    • Team Parent Colleen :       :650-387-7442