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Welcome to  Paly Badminton's home page. You can expect to find players' photos match schedule and scores as well as team contacts. Sko Vikes!

Mission Statement

Education-based Athletics is an integral part of the Palo Alto High School community and exists to promote the common good through athletic competition by providing equitable opportunities for student-athletes. Palo Alto Athletics models a student-centered approach while creating a diverse and inclusive environment emphasizing academics, student-athlete welfare, sportsmanship, and Viking Pride. 

The mission of Palo Alto Badminton Team is to involve parents, families, students, alumni, and members of the community in supporting the coaches and athletes in creating positive, educational, and rewarding experiences through the sport of badminton.


Student First, Athlete Second - Regardless of any student's aptitude to play, his/her eligibility to play will always take priority. Student-athletes are expected to satisfy all of the minimum requirements for sports eligibility as defined by the Palo Alto Athletic Department. Falling below any of the guidelines can result in the withdrawal of the student-athlete for remainder of the season.

  1. Focus on Fundamentals - Success is a consequence of consistently building and applying fundamentals. This includes ensuring safe & proper footwork, the ins and outs of the game, stretching, conditioning, and discipline.

  2. 1 Team Mentality - Although there is a JV & Varsity roster, both teams are a collective unit. No 1 player is better than anyone else or above the team. To that end, each player is held to the same amount accountability and expectations as everyone else.  

  3. Work Hard - You don't accomplish much if you only work the days you feel like it. Progress and improvement is directly related to how much effort one puts in. Working hard means being present, giving 100% to each task, and being open to feedback/coaching. 

  4. Respect each other and the game - Student-athletes in high school often make the crucial mistake of adopting the "win-at-all-costs" mindset of professional sports. PALY Badminton recognizes the real purpose of education-based athletics is character development and embracing the idea of HONORING THE GAME!

Coaching Philosophy

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard" - We are firm believers that anything worth having is worth working for. 

Our coaching philosophy revolves around developing student-athletes with solid foundation of skills, healthy discipline & structure, and mental toughness. We guide student-athletes through different stages of learning by motivating each student-athlete in the following aspects:

  • They see improvement in themselves

  • They have fun and are involved

  • They always have chances to work with coaches

  • They are challenged accordingly

  • They are recognized for their achievements

  • Set goals according to each student-athlete's personality and skill level that they will feel confident to achieve the goals

  • Their personal needs are satisfied

  • Make them feel they are welcome and they are important to the success of the team

  • Develop trust between the coaches and the student-athletes

About the Coaches

Coach Jesi and Coach Alex grew up together and have known each other for almost 16 years. Both Southern California natives, Coach Jesi and Coach Alex attended middle school and high school together before going to college at UC Berkeley and Arizona State University, respectively. During their badminton career, both Coach Jesi and Coach Alex played varsity badminton all 4 years of high school, consistently earning invitations for CIF state competitions, and also played sporadically during college as well. They credit their coaching style and structure to what they learned from their highly successful high school badminton program in Southern California which consistently won the league championship each year between 1997-2011. Both Coach Jesi and Coach Alex thrive off of the opportunity to work with each player and helping build healthy habits as part of a strong, successful program. 

"Our biggest goal is to make sure that we help our players be the best that they can be, both on and off the court."


For away games, the players need to be near the football field by 1:55pm for the bus. Games start around 3:45pm or so. Return is around 6:30pm. You may want to have your student text you for a better ETA when they are on the bus back.

Home games start between 3:30-3:45pm. Dismissal is 3 pm on odd days.


To see the scores of matches versus a particular school, select the sheet with the name of the school.

Contact Info

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  • Team Parent Colleen:    650-387-7442
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